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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> at least he didn't wait until it got into a big media frenzy. >> other leaders have released statements today praising his service. senator mark warner released a statement saying that he was continually impressed with the professionalism, directness and dedication to the men and women of the c.i.a. >> we're learning more about his rise and fall the man with the pristine reputation publicly and personally. >> richard reeve live on capitol hill with more on the ripple effect. >> well, talk about ripples. next week congress was supposed to begin its hearings about benghazi.
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deaveed petraeus was supposed to testify and now we have a new acting c.i.a. director. much of washington talking about this sudden resignation. >> as c.i.a. director david petraeus was the keeper of the nation's secrets. with one of his own. >> it says something about washington that we hear of somebody resign people immediately suspect it's a cover story for something else. >> for some, they're so shocking because of who he is. a soldier scholar four star general with a prince ton phd, a war commander in afghanistan and iraq. >> a father of two. married to his wife holly for 38 years. during his senate confirmation to head the c.i.a. he praised her support as a military spouse. >> she is a symbol of the strength and dedication of families around the globe who waited home. >> general david petraeus, was asked to do a very difficult
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job. >> even talk of petraeus joining a white house ticket himself. not happening he said. >> we're not out there running a political campaign. we're running a war. >> even friday, this from the white house. >> the president thinks general per race has done an excellent job. >> to see if he could be at risk for blackmail because of the affair but no suggestion of criminal wrong doing. >> i think what you see here is what you get. >> the president has named the o number two man as acting director. some in congress actually talking about bringing general petraeus back to testify for these hearings because of his expertise. no expectations on whether that could really happen or not. of course we have this f.b.i. investigation. more details now. the couple were married back in july of 1974 in the chapel on
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the west point campus. holly petraeus joined the bureau to set up an office to help family members. now they referenced the work that she has done. >> lockheed martin faces a sex scandal. ousted its president and future c.e.o. over an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate. he had been scheduled to become the c.e.o. in january. that relationship violated company policy. >> following some breaking news where two people are in the hospital after a car and police cruiser collided. this happened near the intersection of station road and brandy wine road. police tell us the officer was en route to a call and went into the intersection and that's where he was hit. it appears that their injuries are nonlife threatening.
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now to a developing story. on line for you, police in the district arrest two teenagers after a taxi cab is found in a burning car. what are we hearing? >> this evening detectives confirmed a 17-year-old and a female from maryland were arrested and charged with felony murder. the taxi driver was shot and killed friday night. police later determined the man was shot in the head. seconds later he drove his vehicle into a fence. the car later caught fire. detectives spoke about the case a short time ago. >> we initially received some tips, and that led us to them through witness information. at this time we do believe the motive was an attempted robbery. >> police have charged 17 -year-old and the unidentified
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female with felony murder. the victim has not been released pending notification. >> also new tonight a d.c. man is in custody after leading police on a car chase today. it ended with one trooper getting hurs. prince george's county police say that james gregory stole a car and led officers down the highway and when he got off the state trooper tried to stop gregory but police say he hit officer with the car and then drove off. gregory was later found walking around in silver spring. facing multiple charges. the trooper suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> now many on our region on guard. the showdown over the federal government fiscal cliff. hours ago the nation's most powerful democrat and republican took their messages to the nation. president obama and house speaker john boehner say they are willing to work with the other to prevent deep spending
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cuts which could send the country back into a recession. >> on tuesday night we found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach and that means askingthe wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> i think it's important for us to come to an agreement with the president. but this is his opportunity to lead. >> and as you know the big issues separating the two parties remains tax cuts. the spokesman says mr. obama will veto any legislation extending tax cuts for or more. boehner says he remains unwilling to raise taxes on the wealthy saying it will hurt small business owners. next week, their first post election negotiations. >> local relief efforts in the wake of super storm sandy have intensified tonight ten days after sandy hit. a fairfax county group is trying to keep the -- help fill the needs of millions in new york and new jersey. live in mcclain loo more on
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this mission of mercy. >> i can tell you these trucks have been sitting here because of the nor easter that we saw but the goal is to get the contents delivered tomorrow so that these folks can get them sometime saturday, sunday. >> so many that three moving trucks packed with donations are parked waiting to be delivered. >> we now have filled two trucks like that and this is the end of the third. everything as you can see from fairly new baby gear and tons of clothing, warm coats new blankets new sweat shirts. >> jennifer is one of the moms who started the donation drive earlier this week. a semi-filled with much needed relief left wednesday for new jersey. the snow kept the driver from returning to get the rest. once again, the community came through and helped. the moving company offered a truck and a driver. >> we put out the word again
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and somebody comes through to make it happen. it's really amazing. >> back in new york and new jersey folks still reeling. many are still without power. some can't even get back to their homes. >> in new york city mayor bloomberg now instituting a gas rationing system. >> they should have done this from day it's expecteded to last a couple of more weeks. >> the folks out here will be back here tomorrow morning to unload some of the contents of these trucks to be put in a bigger truck. that truck will take them to new jersey. >> tonight, police make an unusual arrest. >> the local suspect in custody. how it is tied to facebook and twitter. >> a traffic godsend or new traffic nightmare. the relief and the warning that signs of a new beltway hot
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lane. take you out on a cautious test drive. >> nice evening out there. a little on the chilly side again. milder days. are you ready for the weekend?
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>> we have from the district as residents are forced from their apartments following a fire in northeast. this happened in the 2800 block of question beck street. the smoke and the flames were confined to one unit. and the word right now is no one was hurt. >> a man wanted for a drug felony is behind bars after going one step too far. the u.s. marshall service arrested kellvin bailey who had been alluded the police since march taunting police on facebook and twitter. bragging about his ability to stay free. officials tracked where he was posting from and they arrested him. didn't last long. >> first look at the traffic upgrade that could save you a lot of time on your way to and from work. >> the hot lanes are scheduled to open on the beltway in northern virginia next week. while some say this is a gridlock game changer others aren't so sure.
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tom shows us all sides in his toll lane test drive. >> if you travel on the beltway daily this is a game changer for you. >> the company that operates the new express lane took us for a ride. she wanted to show us their major advantage. this is 4950's usual horrifying rush hour traffic. and this is us blowing by it on the new toll lanes. she says it will be this way even after the lanes open. >> we need to keep them moving over 45 miles an hour. we think it will be more like 55. >> the toll price won't be set as stone. it will go as high as necessary. >> we put the price on the sign we won't know. >> atlanta has a metro area close to the size of d.c. some like them. but they've caused a ton of controversy. >> i do think they've been a failure.
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>> many in atlanta complain about the cost which has steadily gone up hitting a record of over $6 last month. but she says there are major differences here. one big one is that atlanta has just
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and then next week temperatures will be a little bit lower but still nothing really cold. next chance any showers into the 40's and a lot of things going on this weekend. here's something special because they make a nice contribution to us to children's hospital and they have also the best danish you will ever have. 11 to 3:00 is the danish bazaar. there's one of the danishes. you'd better get in line. >> i ordered a medium. >> are you sharing? >> it's the best you'll ever have. get there at 10:00 and it's gone by noon. and they make a wonderful contribution to children's hospital. >> smells good too. >> save me a piece.
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>> get in line. >> a lot of stuff. big night sports. wizards look for their first win this season. georgetown and maryland open tonight. the terps open against kentucky. this one went down to the wire. we'll show you how it turned out. next in sports.
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>> and what a great effort tonight by the university of maryland basketball team up taking on number three kentucky and they gave number three all they could handle. the terp's number one center. remember him? he's great tonight. the spin, the soft touch, banks it in. maryland takes a lead. howard dribbling a bit too much. up 3 at the buzzer no good. kentucky holds on to edge maryland. john thompson's guys, starting their season tonight they open up on an air craft carrier. anchored in jacksonville, florida. a home game of sports for the florida gators. starts with the jumper. florida had the early lead but maybe it wasn't such a good idea to play that game on the ship. the took on water.ry to play.
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they stopped the play and canceled the game. how about george mason. all they did tonight was shock virginia. this one in fairfax tied at 57. mason crosses it up. that would be good from the n.b.a. free line. they beat virginia 63-59. let's go up a level. the wizards back at home looking for their first win this season. rookie bradley deal brought his a game tonight. he had 22. it wasn't enough. taking on the bucks third quarter action. 4-3. that's good. we're tied at 70. but milwaukee closed the door, went on a 13-run from there. the tip in right there, the wizards remain winless. milwaukee wins 101-91. friday night means high school football.
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smith takes it all the way. great play. mead would knock off anne arundel though. >> for a complete wrap wrup of tonight's high school action post high school sports final coming up in a couple minutes. >> are the terps taking suggestions on those uniforms? >> you don't like them. >> ok. there you go. we'll be
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e. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the sudden resignation of c.i.a.'s david per trace. , the fiscalically f cliff. >> tonight the march of dimes honored local women. some of the award recipients include women from ibm, the u.s. army and and many government agencies as well. dinner music, dancing and auctions. and all of the proceeds will go to support the march of dimes. wonderful event. we'll be right back. and a f
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>> we've all earned a nice weekend. >> mild with temperatures in the 60's. a good weekend. tomorrow the christmas bazaar. st. elizabeth's church. it is so good. >> meanwhile, sunday and on into the holiday that we celebrate for our veterans and certainly thank everybody for their service to this country into monday with temperatures in the 70's. a new blog on sandy and the amount of rain that sandy produced and the amount and the power. it would be enough power to light 100 wat light bulb for several billion years. so read about it. and i've got some other interesting things in there. and check my math. have a good one.
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>> the equivalent of one of my christmas trees. >> good
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